Boletim dos Obreiros

About Us

How did it begin?

The Obreiros' Bulletin (Boletim dos Obreiros) began its circulation in 10/6/1994, with the initial goal of taking a message of encouragement to the missionaries who spent their lives for the sake of Gospel and lived exclusively in dependence upon the Lord. The Lord wished this ministry to expand and to become an instrument for spreading the awareness of the work of the missionaries among the brethren. As from February 1998 the Obreiros' Bulletin was produced in a new format and began to circulate not only among workers but also among the local churches in Brazil which, in turn, began to send their own reports of the work in their area for publication. At present the Obreiros' Bulletin is distributed not only in Brazil but also in countries of America, Europe and Africa.

Who are we?

  • Children of God who meet in the simplicity of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the plainness of the Gospel.
  • Brethren in Christ, committed to the glorious missionary work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Servants of the Lord Jesus Christ who understand that missionary work is a personal entitlement and a duty which cannot be transferred.

What do we believe in?

  • That between God and mankind there is only one mediator who is Jesus Christ, the only Lord and Saviour.
  • That the Church is the masterpiece of God which has missionary work as its mission.
  • That God is who sustains His work by means of local churches.

What do we do?

We serve the missionaries and local churches. We publish work carried out in the mission field on a monthly basis. We distribute missionary offerings to workers involved on a full time basis exclusively in the Lord's service.

Our Motto

Nothing resists the work because the work in the Lord is not in vain.

Management and production team of the website

José Carlos Jacintho de Campos - founder and editor

Profa. Elisabete Mavilde Sampaio - editor and revisor

R David Jones - co-ordinator and translator

Grace M Jones (in Memoriam) - translator

All members of the team provide their services voluntarily as an offering to the Lord's Work, without any remuneration.

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