Boletim dos Obreiros

Transforming Vision

Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him

(Luke 24:31)

By the incredible speed of time we have arrived at another April. This month, there is no way to escape from the extraordinary impact which the remembrance of Christ’s passion and resurrection makes on us. The facts are inevitable subjects in the media the world over. Even now the human masses get excited and the controversies grow about the epic cinema production on the event.

This is not the place to analyse the production as to its artistic value, its contents, historical faithfulness and its social or racial convenience. May the opportunity at least be used to make people reflect on the ‘meaning’ of the facts registered in the Bible, in view of the imperious spiritual need of man, his Redemption, only made possible by Christ’s faithfulness in fulfilling His Heavenly Father’s eternal object, He being the efficient hero (protagonist) of the events.

Crowds go to the cinemas, televised conferences and interviews are made, provocative and lengthy discussions and articles are shown in the most popular magazines and newspapers in the world, focusing on the subject in an emotive way.

Immense wealth goes into the pockets of the cunning and clever exploiters of popular curiosity. And, in this way, the solemn facts intended by God for the spiritual blessing of man, lost in the dissoluteness of his sinfulness, become instruments, on the one hand, for the satisfaction of the greedy appetite and of the questionable interests of man and, on the other hand, for the human emotional satisfaction and the stimulation of a strong adrenaline experience. It is lamentable!

But, in the end, is this the correct human behaviour before the terrible facts which surround the passion and the resurrection of Christ? I don’t think so! Truly what happens is a doubtful personal and human contemplation of the facts themselves, without the necessary perception of its real “meaning”.

But this already occurred when the events happened! Many were the angles which were broached in the commentaries which followed the period and the diverse attitudes taken by those near and distant from the Lord Jesus. However, the correct perception of the “meaning” of the events was lacking and also the correct understanding of the reason of that which had happened. They lacked the transforming vision, which does not look only at the facts, but comes from perceiving and understanding their real “meaning”. And these are only obtained through faith in the Word!

See the experience of the two Emmaus disciples who saw everything and were going home to their village (Luke 24: 13-33).

  • They knew everything about Christ (v. 19) – the testimony they give about Christ shows an ample knowledge of His Person, only possible through a close association and special interest. It is remarkable the testimony they give about Him: “He was a Prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people”. Just the intellectual knowledge about the person of Christ is not sufficient.
  • They saw the events surrounding Christ in His passion and death (v. 20) – The vision they had of the facts were direct and personal and not second hand. But they did not progress in their understanding.
  • They were greatly affected emotionally (v17) – The text says, “they were sad”. Mere emotional affectation does not mean an experience of real conversion to the Lord. The sadness they showed was really the proof that they lacked a correct understanding of the meaning of the events which had so shaken them.
  • They looked but did not see (v.16) – The text says: “But their eyes were restrained, so that they did not know Him.”. It seems incredible! But without the understanding of the meaning of the events, vision is completely blinded to the marvellous presence of the resurrected Christ! They lacked seeing the Christ gloriously resurrected, at their side, going with them.

They really needed, therefore a “Transforming Vision”! How did this “Transforming Vision” happen? With the ample expounding of the Scriptures (vv. 25-27), about the events. The Lord led them into “believing in all that the prophets have spoken!”. This was their testimony after they had had their eyes opened (v. 32).

I deduce: Only our Faith in the Word of the Lord will bring us a “Transforming Vision”, which will makes us happy and safe in the presence of the Resurrected Christ. The emotional impact of the facts exhibited to the public with the extraordinary resources of the communication industry is not sufficient.

One does not obtain the “Transforming Vision” through seeing the spectacle, but by the POWER of the Word when it is believed!